It’s Been Awhile!



I had no idea how long I have not posted until I saw our last post from August!


A lot has been going on since August. The main renovations are almost complete. We have started renovation on the main bathroom and hope to be finished by the end of winter. We recently had the tub re-glazed and it looks like new! John fixed the window in the shower and added a marble sill. We have painted the bathroom, added a new shower head and shower rod. We have also started to clean, replace, re-grout and stain the grout on the original tiles the goes up the walls. When the bathroom is finished, I’ll post the pictures.


Projects turn into more projects. What started out as just adding a “chalkboard” to the basement landing turned into a full blown renovation of the landing and outside door and screen. We wanted a “chalkboard” to list what we had in the pantry in the basement and also what is in our freezer. We used chalkboard paint and John framed it off. It looks great! Then we decided that the wall should really be painted also, then the trim, then the door, then the screen door and lastly do something with the flooring. I am pretty happy with the results!





























We also decided that since we didn’t have a rootball court we would build a cornhole set. John built them and I painted them.










We have however had a little setback with the cornhole set. Seems we left the cornhole bags on the deck when we took a trip and came back to find them open and spread out over the back yard. I guess the squirrels really like that corn!


John is currently working on the basement. He is building storage shelves. We have also decided how we are going to divide up the basement and building walls is the next order of business. Stay tuned.



The Kitchen

Done (almost).

On HGTV they have these Pros come in, remodel a kitchen and BAM! Everything is perfect, everything is done right up to placing the fruit in a basket. In come the homeowners and the new kitchen is unveiled. Yeah, that’s not real life folks. Continue reading

“What Is Going On Here?!”

“There’s a blackout down the street Leaves you tangled in the twilight And there’s a white light after me” – Holy Ghost Tent Revival.

Remember that scene from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation where Clark can’t get the Christmas lights to work? The reason was a light switch in the garage. Yeah….

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“I can’t see you like I did before I knew there was something more” – Sweet Claudette

Part of renovating this house is updating and restoring original hardware that at first seems kinda mundane. Diffusers or what I had referred to them as – vent covers. There are 10 in the house. They were in pretty bad shape. When we decided to paint all the woodwork we knew the diffusers needed a make over. Over the last few days John has been restoring these diffusers.

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