“I can’t see you like I did before I knew there was something more” – Sweet Claudette

Part of renovating this house is updating and restoring original hardware that at first seems kinda mundane. Diffusers or what I had referred to them as – vent covers. There are 10 in the house. They were in pretty bad shape. When we decided to paint all the woodwork we knew the diffusers needed a make over. Over the last few days John has been restoring these diffusers.

Here is a closeup of what they looked like:

169 Central Ave_02 02_0464     169 Central Ave_02 02_0458

Pretty bad. After removing all of them, John gave them a good scrubbing. Then there was sanding followed by a good steel wool scrubbing. John then needed to straightened most of them as they were bent and some were not operational in closing and opening. Here is what they looked like after that process:

169 Central Ave_02 02_0459     169 Central Ave_02 02_0461

Finally, spray painted. The result is amazing. I really love these diffusers.

169 Central Ave_02 02_0466_edited-1

On another note, we had the plumber out this morning. We have low water pressure whenever there are two sources going on at once. The galvanized pipe that runs to our house is corroded. This means digging it up with a backhoe and replacing it. Ah, aren’t these old houses charming?

Lyric from “Like I Used To Do’ written by Amanda Anne Platt of Sweet Claudette. You can find all of the amazing music of Sweet Claudette here or here.


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