“What Is Going On Here?!”

“There’s a blackout down the street Leaves you tangled in the twilight And there’s a white light after me” – Holy Ghost Tent Revival.

Remember that scene from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation where Clark can’t get the Christmas lights to work? The reason was a light switch in the garage. Yeah….

We have a kitchen light. When we bought the house it had those old, round, fluorescent bulbs in it. It would work every now and then so we changed it out with another light in the house. It worked great! We have a light switch at each of the two doorways into the kitchen. Both worked great and finally we had great light in the kitchen. Then one day, the light didn’t work. We tried both switches, – nothing. John took the light down, looked at the wiring. John spent a couple hours on that light. John opened up both light switches, – nothing. “What the…” We gave up for awhile and put a floor lamp in the kitchen. (You know where I’m going with this…) Then one day, John was going out to the deck and hit the double light switch by the back door, “HEY!! THE LIGHT IS ON!” ¬†HALLELUJAH! It turns out that the “mother” light switch sits with the deck switch. It controls whether the other two light switches work.¬†Who the hell wires a kitchen light like that?

Welcome to John and Barb’s Renovation Vacation.

Lyrics are from “Blackout” by Holy Ghost Tent Revival. Listen to them. Love them. Find them here.


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