Coffee Bar

“Still this morning over coffee I grinned, thinking over the years of all the girls I’ve been.” – Nikki Talley

The kitchen is done except for some odds and ends and when those are in place, we will unveil our new kitchen!

For now, let me show you our coffee bar. John did an outstanding job bringing my vision into reality and then making it even better than I imagined. The coffee bar is truly that, where we make our coffee and where we make our “adult beverages”. At some point, we will put in a tap and incorporate John’s jockey box.

This is John’s art. He took the 52 year old kitchen cabinets and rebuilt them into the space. He used the cabinet interior shelves to make the countertop for the coffee bar and also the shelf over the bar. He used the original nails, pounded them out and evenly placed them in the countertop. It is a great example of preserving the past and making it into something beautiful to use today.

He painted the inside (Parakeet by Sherwin Williams) and the outside (Denim by Sherwin Williams). He stained and polyurethaned the countertop and stained the upper shelf. He painted the blackboard paint on the wall. I absolutely love this part of our kitchen!

Oh and take a look at that door. It was a mess when we bought the house, that is all John’s work too. A lot of work went into that door and now we have one of the coolest doggie doors (complete with a matching glass knob!)

Our coffee bar

Our coffee bar

Welcome to Verbaville

Welcome to Verbaville

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Lyric from “Just For The Record” by Nikki Talley. Nikki is amazing and you can find her music here.