Moving Day!

“You make me wish I was an ole brick house, a steady place for you to come home to” – Melissa Hyman


We are all moved in!

With the help of movers for the big stuff and friends Bob and Marcy to help us with the boxes, we are here! It’s pretty unorganized but 3 days later I can finally see my muddy living room floor.

Jack (our 13 year old Collie) is having a rough time of it. He just got back from a whirlwind Florida weekend with us and is now in a new place. He was bit by a brown recluse spider a couple years ago and has some nerve damage in his hind leg. He slips and falls quite a bit and that big ole back yard we have does Jack no good. We believe he is in the beginning stages of doggie dementia or in a more technical term, canine cognitive dysfunction. He is pacing and panting and can’t seem to find a comfortable place. Every time I turn around he is right behind me. He stands in corners and he is also obsessed with what John and I call the “Ba” – a bathroom so small it cannot be called a bath.

Jack looking over the "Ba".

Jack looking over the “Ba”.

"Open the door!"

“Open the door!”


Aside from Jack, we are so happy to be here! As anyone who has ever moved knows, the first few days can be quite creative as you search for items and make do with what you brought and deal with what you don’t have.

The mattress pad window dressing.

The mattress pad window dressing.


We went out and bought those temporary blinds so we don’t look like the dodgy neighbors. Speaking of neighbors, our next door neighbors stopped by to welcome us to the neighborhood and brought us chocolate chip banana nut bread. It became our first dinner in our house!

Already opened and tasted.

Already opened and tasted.


Now that we are in, organizing and unpacking is the next order of business. After that, we will sit down and create the Verba To-Do List!



Lyric by Melissa Hyman. You can find Melissa in the Asheville band The Moon and You. Take a listen to their great music here.


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