Paint Day! ….still

“Getting good at waiting for the clouds to pass” – The Honeycutters

We’re still painting.

We have gotten a lot done, we really have. Its just all the prep takes so much time. We still have the bedroom walls to paint and the second coat for the guest room and studio. We’re still prepping the trim which I hope will be completed this weekend.  Preparation is so much of what goes into painting and its all worth it I tell myself. John is so good at all this and patient. I just want to get on to the fun stuff, the kitchen remodel!

On another note, we had the floors refinished in the bedrooms and studio and they look fantastic! We decided to have 2 coats of polyurethane put on the hallway and living room floors as they weren’t as beat up as the bedrooms and they look great. We did not do them ourselves, we know our limits! We debated about having the living room floor refinished because of the way the other rooms turned out but after much back and worth we decided not to at this time. We’re also having wood floors put in the kitchen when the time comes. We’ll see how it all comes together.

When we bought the house a buck stove fireplace insert came with it. Well we had the chimney sweep dude out the other day and it looks like the stove needs extensive repair or worse yet, its done for. We love the idea of an insert, it provides so much more heat than just a fireplace (without the ambiance) so we are looking into our options. If anyone knows anything about buck stoves, give us a holler.

Thats it for today. Got some beef stew in the crockpot and a dog that needs some attention  🙂


Quote is from “Gettin’ Good At Waiting” by The Honeycutters. You can find The Honeycutters here.


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