It’s The Little Things…

” It could be worse. It could always be worse.” – Now You See Them

Our home was built in 1963. For a small home, there is a lot of woodwork. Window frames, door frames, a lot of wood.¬†Unfortunately, whoever put in all these wood frames didn’t countersink all the finishing nails. You know, those little nails that are used to keep the wood on the walls.

John estimates that there are 122 finishing nails per bedroom. There are 3 bedrooms. Then there is the living room, dining room and, oh yes the hallway. We have 7 doorways in the hallway, all framed out. So you get the picture, there are a LOT of finishing nails! John is in the process of countersinking them and then using wood putty to cover the holes.

Remember, no half measures!

Countersink that nail!

Countersink that nail!

Lyrics from “It Could Be Worse” by Now You See Them. Listen to Now You See Them here.


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