Industrial Shelving

I am a huge fan of Pinterest. I have found so many great ideas on there. One of those ideas is industrial shelving. I love the look and the No Alarms Studio is going for a rustic, no frills look.

I have a lot of “stuff” in the office/studio so I needed someplace to put all that “stuff”. In the past we have used those boards and brackets you see in the organization aisle at Lowes and Home Depot. They served their purpose yes, but not really that good looking.  So, John and I decided on industrial shelving. Our inspiration came from a blog post on Sylvie Liv which gave us all the information we needed to buy and build our shelves. You can find the post here.

After all the measurements and homework was done, John went to Home Depot and bought the supplies. The tee fittings, pipes and flanges were all found in the plumbing department. John bought 1×10 pine boards that were cut to 90 1/2 inches and stained in a dark walnut. All the plumbing supplies were washed off as they come really dirty and greasy.


The above blog had the shelving attached to the ceiling. We didn’t want to do that so we anchored our shelving on the floor and attached it to the wall. To protect the floor, John cut out old carpet and placed it under each flange on the floor.

Never start a project without coffee

Never start a project without coffee

John leveled the shelving as he built it.  Because the boards are so long, John built the shelving from the bottom up and placed each board in before moving on to the next shelf.


The project took about half a day and it came out great!



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