Gray Matters

Sometimes it’s black or it’s white and there ain’t much more to say” – Daniel Shearin

Color is so difficult, especially grays. There are warm grays and cool grays and now there is greige. A gray can have a violet tone or a green tone or a beige tone (greige). You can find numerous articles and Pinterest pins about how to pick the right gray.

After many hours I have narrowed down my gray to two choices from Sherwin Williams, “Light French Gray” and “Requisite Gray”. On the wall they go, to look at in all kinds of light. I have a real fear of picking the wrong gray, I know, it’s kinda dumb but its the paint that will be in the living room and hallway.IMG_2044

I’m also picking colors for the bedrooms.  The right blues and greens. The blue is “Rain” by Sherwin Williams. The greens I picked out were total disasters. Starting over with green. I won’t even go into what the kitchen color will be, thats a whole other post. I worry that the colors won’t go well together or have the same tone or hue. First world problems.

FYI, When writing this post, I realized that gray is also spelled grey. Spellcheck in WordPress does not like “greys”. When I looked it up, most sites stated that “grey” was British English and “gray” was American English.  I use gray. What do you use? Do you have a favorite gray?


Quote is from “Living Proof” by Daniel Shearin. You can find Daniel and all his great music at Daniel Shearin.bandcamp





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