“Little mouse Blink strategically mouseholed.” – Ogden Nash

And there he was. Running across the hall, back and forth, back and forth.

Our first visitor, a little grey mouse. The previous owner had 3 cats! 3 cats! He must have waited, waited for them to leave and now he wanted to move in too. What the hell? We just closed on the house less than 2 hours ago! Nope. Ain’t happening. So I research. Cats. Yep, the best way to get rid of mice. We had a cat, JJ. An amazing Maine Coon mutt of a cat, full of personality. I can’t bring myself to getting another, not just yet. So its traps. The catch and release kind. Gonna catch that little pest and release him far, far away. Then…. peppermint oil. I read they hate that smell. The house is gonna smell like a candy store!

Be scared mouse, be very scared. If you have friends, let them know, we’re coming for them, all of them.



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